Dear Colleagues,
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Yerevan invites you to support the promotion of History Contest organized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The following prizes will be awarded:

the best foreign language publication promoting the history of Poland (prize of 10,000 EUR),
the best Polish-language publication devoted to the history of Polish diplomacy (PLN 20,000 prize),published in 2017.
The deadline for submission of books for the contest is 15 May 2018.
MFA has also prepared a short informative video on the History Contest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
For more details about the contest, please contact:

Embassy of Poland, Yerevan

Hanrapetutyan str. 44a

0010 Yerevan, Armenia

tel..: (+374 10) 542493, 542495
fax: (+374 10) 542496, 542498

Best Regards,
“Eurasia” CPO team