Agriculture Development Department

The Agricultural Development Department functions since the establishment of the organization.

Armenia is an important center of agro-diversity and that’s the reason why the agriculture is one of the main branches of Armenia’s economy. Armenia is one of the first countries where agriculture has developed where farming and horticulture have evolved over the millennium.

Nowadays, a large number of diverse plants are grown in Armenia, including 6 species of cereals, 366 edible plants, 62 species of fruits and 65 types of vegetables. In general, 16% of 521 species of plants are found in Armenia.

But now villagers have a problem of selling food. For the solution of the problem, Eurasia CPO initiates steps that will enable the villagers to connect with potential buyers.

“Eurasia” has created a magazine called “Armenian Agricultural Producers and Potential Buyers”, which stimulates the development of agriculture.

Eurasia CPO’s mission is to assist farmers and agribusiness in the production and marketing of food and related products to increase incomes and create jobs banding to sustainable livelihoods for rural populations and thus to contribute to poverty reduction.