Environmental Radiation Lab Planned to Establish in Armenia

An environmental radiation laboratory is planned to be establish in Armenia. This laboratory will be established within the framework of the financing agreement between the European Commission and the Republic of Armenia "Promotion of Nuclear Safety Culture. Assistance to the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (Component B)”, the signing of which was approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia at the sitting held on August 27, 2020.

The purpose of establishing the laboratory is to improve the system of professional monitoring of the environment, personnel, emergency response and radiation sources, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in the level of radiation safety in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, ensuring radiation safety of the population and specialists.

The Environmental Radiation Laboratory in the territory of the Republic of Armenia will carry out: radiation pollution assessment for soil, air, water, food, building materials to provide environmental radiation monitoring, provision of professional radiation monitoring of the staff. providing staff workplaces in the facilities of use of radiation sources and providing radiation monitoring of those sources, detection of desolate radiation sources  and its description, providing emergency radiation monitoring, ensuring nuclear material control activities.


Source: Ecolur