Implementation of “New Life to the Technopark” development project.
Within the framework of “Strengthening local self-governmental leadership towards participatory governance in rural regions of RA” project Vahagni Community presented “New Life to the Technopark” project. The village is quite large with its administrative area of 4496 ha, of which 1250 ha are agricultural lands. During the last three years, agricultural works have been carried out with great momentum, the arable lands that have not been cultivated for 30 years are being exploited again and this tendency is increasing year by year. Due to the efforts of the two cooperatives operating in the village "VMOX and Dzor", the village currently has more than 9 agricultural machinery and agricultural tools, as well as agricultural machinery belonging to individual farmers, which due to lack of storage space are located in outdoor areas and are exposed to corrosion due to weather factors. The goal of the project is to repair the roof of the technopark built in the Soviet years in the village, suitable for the parking of medical equipment, the hard-earned equipment will not be trampled. As a result of regular monitoring, the representatives of "Eurasia" CPO and Solidarity Fund PL got acquainted with the project implementation progress.