Within the framework of “Strengthening local self-governmental leadership towards improving social entrepreneurship in rural regions of RA” project establishment of “G-YAN” souvenir-shop
Within the framework of the “Strengthening local self-governmental leadership towards improving social entrepreneurship in rural regions of RA” project Manush Sargsyan has received grant support to establish the “G-YAN” souvenir-shop in Debet community. For about 2 years, 7 guest houses and several rest areas have been established in Debet community. After talking with the owners of the local guest houses, as well as with the groups coming for excursion, what they would like to take with them from the community,an idea was born in Manush's mind to establish a souvenir-shop in the village. In the “G-YAN” souvenir-shop, unique handmade items were to be prepared for tourists and visitors, which would remind them of Debet and local culture. Visitors of the souvenir-shop would have the opportunity to take part in master classes in making souvenirs, to see the entire process of making things with their own eyes and, if they want, also participate in it. Before Manush Sargsyan's idea, there was no similar souvenir-shop in the community or in neighboring communities, where visitors could take a small souvenir with them in the form of a magnet, jewelry, brooch, as well as other handmade items. The souvenir-shop is located in the central part of the village center and in the center of the roads leading to all guest houses and rest areas. Manush Sargsyan's business idea became one of the 4 winning projects. Within the framework of the funded program, Manush Sargsyan was able to replenish the souvenir-shop with the necessary equipments and high-quality materials for the production of souvenirs and pay all costs of designing, printing and marketing promotion. Within the framework of the 8-month program supported by the “Eurasia” CPO and the Polish Solidarity Fund Manush Sargsyan and other participants had the opportunity to develop and present their own business programs with the help and advice of leading experts of the sphere. An important component of the program was also the presentation of the idea of social entrepreneurship to the participants and the emphasis that besides being personal profit, businesses can significantly help other residents of the community as well.