Implementation of “Establishment of an entertainment place for the elderly of Debet village” development project
«Within the framework of “Strengthening local self-governmental leadership towards participatory governance in rural regions of RA” project Debet Community presented “Establishment of an entertainment place for the elderly of Debet village” project. Elderly people of Debet village mostly deal with agriculture and daily household works after which they have leisure time, but have problem connected with organizing their entertainment. For years bus station of the viallage, adjacent small pavilion were serving as gathering place for elderly people. However, elder’s regular gatherings at those places was causing constant arguments and problems which caused that their gatherings in that places were prohibited. At this moment there isn’t proper place for elders’ entertainment and gathering. Elderly people of community are deprived from the opportunity of properly spending their leisure time. Construction of a builing for elderly people gathering and entertainment in Debet village will promote to the creation of the pleasant environment of entertainment and rest for the letters. As a result of regular monitoring, the representatives of “Eurasia” CPO and Solidarity Fund PL got acquainted with the project implementation progress.