The discussion of the book “Jane Eyre”. 08.07.2016

As we have already mentioned “Eurasia” CPO starts organizing regular discussions on different books from July 2016.
The first book discussion took place on July 8, 2016, for which the English romanticism representative-Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” book was selected.
30 students of Nersisyan College, as well as students from other colleges and universities, participated in discussion. During the meeting the genre of the book was discussed, and the differences among geners were presented, the analysis of the characters was done, various games were organized for the students, which helped the organizers to understand how the participants had perceived the book. At the end of the discussion the film “Jane Eyre” was presented.
Please note that the meetings will have continuous form. Follow us on Facebook and feel free to contact the staff of “Eurasia” CPO for further details and information.